About Me


Hi, I am N K Gupta, an ex-banking Professional, with nearly three decade of banking career with 4 banks in India. Having started my career with Banking industry , way back in 1986 with State Bank of Bikaner & Jaipur as a Probationary¬†Officer. One of the few who decided to leave safe and cozy environment of Public sector after a decade of rich experience with State Bank group, I joined Private sector banks, one after the another , working mostly in corporate banking domain at top urban places in India for the next decade. I joined a little known Foreign Bank named Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank way back in year 2000. The Bank preferred to call itself as ADCB, but my colleagues in other Banks used to joke that my Bank can’t ever pronounce English in proper order of A-B-C-D.

I worked as Branch Head of ADCB at its Bangalore branch and later moved to its Local Head Office at Mumbai as Head of Corporate Banking for India Operations. In 2012, I left the banking industry for good with some dreams and personal ambitions for myself in my second innings of the only life.

I set up a self-publishing firm called IBC Academy Publications which publishes and markets my books on banking and competitive exams. Over a little than 3 years, I have now 14 titles and these are now listed on my e-learning web-portal Bankerz.in which provide Mock Tests along with e-books for competitive exams in Banking sector.

I have completed recently all the three books required for JAIIB exams., on which there was absolute monopoly of the co-publishing monolith of IIBF and Macmillan Publishers. I have also finished a book – “Banking-for Promtion Exams”¬†which is meant for practicing Bankers for their Internal promotion exams from Clerical levels to Scale I or Scale I to Scale II and Scale II to Scale III promotions. The contents of the book are exhaustive and would be surely a book for reference for the fellow Bankers in their work environment too!

I have plans to make really big in this segment and take out a substantial number of subscribers to my e-learning portal.

Wish me good luck!